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We are extremely fortunate to welcome ECOF readers into school to read with the younger pupils.

ECOF (Every Child Our Future) is an educational charity aimed at furthering the chances of children in Jersey and Guernsey, whatever their background.

It focuses on those areas where the most amount of difference can be made and where we can especially address the needs of those from less advantaged backgrounds. For this reason, ECOF’s initial programmes are in literacy, numeracy and early years communication, the building blocks of education. ECOF work alongside the Governments of Jersey and Guernsey, schools, teachers, parents, business and the wider community to best serve the needs of the children.

Research shows that children from disadvantaged backgrounds can start school up to 11 months behind their peers (Source: The Sutton Trust). Through the Story Starters programme in Jersey, ECOF works to address the needs of preschool children, helping them with early communication skills, to ensure they are ready to start school.

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